Access Control Hosting

Cloud Based Access Control

Many things today are moving to the cloud, why not access control? Did you know on access control solutions with four doors or less, the server and software can equal up to half the cost of the entire system? Why pay for a server to set in a closet unmanaged, and out of date? Your access control system can be managed on our secure server, that is always up to date and accessible from anywhere. If your access control solution grows down the road and you decide to use your own server, simply purchase the server and software and we'll help you migrate your system to your server.

Our Access Control Hosting Service allows small businesses and schools to afford the same security as our larger clients with far less hassle and expense. Finally you can stop worrying about who has keys and who has made a copy of their key. If an employee is let go, just disable his or her access on the spot, from anywhere. From one site with one door, to 100 sites with 100 doors, we have a solution for you!

Benefits of a hosted solution:

  • No more software updates to install or pay for
  • No expensive server to maintain
  • All remote facilities can be managed from one location
  • Reliable, secure remote access, control your system from any internet enabled smartphone or computer.
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership
  • An enterprise level solution without an enterprise level budget.

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Software Hosting Services are billed up front on an annual term. Access Control hardware required and sold separately.